Palletizing Equipment

Palletizing Equipment

No palletizing operation can be considered fully automatic without the integration of palletizing equipment such as: pallet conveyors, pallet lifts, pallet dispensers and stackers, shuttle cars, etc. Typically, palletizing equipment incorporates some combination of mechanical, pneumatic and servo functions applied to meet the specific needs of palletizing.
Below, some of the palletizing equipment that is most commonly used in palletizing and end-of-line packaging will be briefly described.

Pallet conveyors

Pallet Conveyor There is palletizing equipment that makes it possible to automate the process of loading and unloading pallets from the palletizing system, in order to expedite and streamline the machine, eliminating time losses related to manual operations. Typically a pallet conveyor is built with rollers, if the pallet is moving parallel to the wide side; or with chains, if the pallet is moving parallel to the narrow side. This type of palletizing equipment is widely used in industry due to its robustness and simplicity and to the low cost of purchase and maintenance.

Pallet stackers and pallet dispensers

Pallet Stacker - Pallet Dispenser Pallet stackers and pallet dispensers are devices that allow the accumulation and distribution of pallets automatically as needed. This palletizing equipment is increasingly common in the industry, particularly in the case of highly automated palletization, because they allow the palletizing machine to be automatically supplied, avoiding the downtime associated with manually loading empty pallets.

Pallet shuttle car

Pallet Shuttle Car The pallet shuttle car is a piece of palletizing equipment that can be used as a means for taking a full pallet out of a palletizer at the same time that an empty pallet is supplied to the same palletizer. Similarly, with this palletizing equipment, the pallet can be moved automatically between the various palletizing stations, eliminating forklift traffic between the various end of line packaging zones, palletizing stations and warehouses.