Bag Palletizer

Bag Palletizer

Robotic Bag Palletizer The ever increasing need to automate processes in order to increase capacity and reduce production costs has resulted in an increase in demand also in the field of automatic bag palletizing. The bags are usually heavy and bulky, and their manual palletizing is therefore hard and exhausting: an automatic bag palletizer is therefore the best and cheapest solution for every company that needs to palletize bags and that wants to meet the market competitively. Modern bag palletizers are economical, flexible and provide a consistently well-packed pallet pattern that upgrades the line throughput and helps in reducing product damage associated with physical handling. Currently the two most common types of bag palletizers are the layering bag palletizer and the robotic bag palletizer. The main characteristics of these two types of bag palletizers are described below.

Layering bag palletizer

This type of bag palletizer can process a wide range of products with very different sizes and weights. The solution used for the formation of the layer on the pallet, which is usually done row by row, enables high rates of work. Some models of layering bag palletizers can square and compress the layer just placed on the pallet to secure the shape of the bag and optimize the geometry of the pallet.

Robotic bag palletizer

The robotic bag palletizer is a special kind of palletizer based on an anthropomorphic robot. The bag palletizing robot is equipped with a gripper designed according to the characteristics of the product and can lift and palletize bags weighing hundreds of pounds. Usually, the gripper also has special devices for lifting the empty pallets in order to fully automate the process of bag palletizing. The high flexibility of this type of bag palletizer and its competitive price mean that the robotic bag palletizer is finding increasing use in industry.